30 Things To Post On Instagram

Hello, my name’s Megan, and I’m an Instagram-aholic.

I don’t post every single day, but I am forever scrolling through countless posts of flawless make up and beautiful scenery (which takes up about 90% of my feed). My Instagram is full of selfies, screenshots from World of Warcraft and other random bits and pieces. If you’re like me and don’t really have a theme for your Instagram, you may be lacking inspiration, but don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Here’s a list of some ideas for Instagram posts if you’re stuck!


  1. Your favourite outfit.
  2. Your friends.
  3. SELFIES! Obviously.
  4. Share your Insta-worthy make up skills with us mere mortals!
  5. Your pets.
  6. You and your significant other.
  7. Food – whether it’s your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  8. Artwork.
  9. Beautiful scenery.
  10. Your desk/workspace.
  11. Do you have a blog? Post the graphics and attach a link! *wink wink*
  12. Books and magazines.
  13. Games – what do you play?
  14. The sky.
  15. Drinks – are you a coffee or tea person?
  17. Things that inspire you.
  18. Hair tutorials.
  19. Childhood photos.
  20. Shopping hauls.
  21. Your phone case – we don’t always see them!
  22. Are you a baker? – Share your treats with us!
  23. Your makeup collection.
  24. Do you have a workout routine? Share with us!
  25. Nail art.
  26. Memes.
  27. Are you going to an event? Post about it!
  28. Travel posts.
  29. Are you crafty? Share your DIY tutorials.
  30. Collages.