25 Little Things To Be Happy About

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

We all need a pick me up every now and then. It’s good to remember the things that make us happy! No matter how big or small they may be! Here’s a list of 25 things that make me happy!

Hope you enjoy and let me know what things make you happy!

  1. Coffee. ☕️
  2. Binge watching Sex and the City.
  3. Making new friends.
  4. Taking hot showers.
  5. Preparing for Christmas. 🎄
  6. Cute stationary.
  7. Reaching goals.
  8. Blanket weather. ❄️
  9. Reading other blogs.
  10. Putting on slippers after a long day.
  11. Peppermint green tea.
  12. Watching funny movies.
  13. Cuddles with my better half. 💕
  14. Seeing progress with my blog.
  15. Cheese toasties. Yum.
  16. Yapping with my colleagues.
  17. Playing my favourite games. 👾
  18. Date nights.
  19. Mittens.
  20. Autumn feelings.
  21. Online shopping.
  22. Chocolate. 🍫
  23. Bath bombs.
  24. Emoji’s. (If you couldn’t tell).
  25. Wine.

What makes you guys happy? Why not leave me a comment about what makes you happy?

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