Hello December

Hello lovelies!
Welcome back to my blog!

Winter is finally here and there’s so much to look forward to! It’s my favourite season, although many might not agree due to the colder weather and stress of Christmas shopping. But all that being said, it is a rather magical time of year, and hopefully we can all agree with that🎄

What happened in November;

🔴  Started the Life For Me Lately Blog, and it has been a crazy wonderful adventure so far.
🔴  6 month anniversary of me working at Tin Digital.
🔴  Had a wonderful date night with my boyfriend.
🔴  Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which was incredible.
🔴  Reached over 220 followers on Twitter and over 460 on Instagram. (Thank you so much if you’re one of them!)

What’s happening in December;

🔴  CHRISTMAS! Just everything about it!
🔴  Trip to Bath with my boyfriend.
🔴  Much needed time off work.
🔴  I get my hands on the Suicide Squad Limited Edition DVD.
🔴  Christmas work party.
🔴  Setting new blog goals and hopefully achieving them before the end of the year! (300+ followers on Twitter, 500+ on Instagram and more followers on Bloglovin’!)
🔴  Snuggles by the fire with hot chocolate and blankets.

What are you getting up to this month? Leave me a comment!

Till next time my lovelies!

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