The Christmas Tag

Hello lovelies!
Welcome back to my blog.

It’s that time of the year again, and I just love reading blog posts about christmas! Recently I came across this christmas tag, and thought I’d give it ago.


1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Hmm…a tough one. I love Elf and Trading Places, they both get me in the christmassy mood, but overall I’d have to say my favourite is The Grinch. It’s a classic! I could watch it even when it isn’t christmas!

2. Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
In my family, we’ve always waiting until Christmas morning to open gifts. As a child, I probably would’ve loved to open my presents on Christmas Eve, but then there would be no anticipation.

3. What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
After opening all the presents, my dad would pile all of the wrapping paper together and shove it down the back of my dressing gown and make me look like a hunchback! It was my parent’s favourite way to have a laugh at christmas. They’re words, not mine! I plan on doing it to my children one day just to see what the fuss is about!

4. Favourite festive food?
I do love a good roast dinner. But my favourite food at christmas is a good ol’ Terry’s Chocolate Orange! Can’t go wrong with one of those.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
When I was about 10, my parents got me a charm bracelet with a single charm on it of Rabbit from Winnie The Pooh, (as he was my favourite). Over the years more and more charms have been added and it still lives in my jewellery box as I’m so scared of losing it!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
You can’t beat the smell of a real christmas tree!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
When I was younger, my Dad, Mum and I would gather on the sofa in our PJ’s and watch a Christmas movie. When it was time for bed, we would put out snacks for Santa and a carrot outside for Rudolph. Now that I’m older, I still watch Christmas movies in my PJ’s before bed. Sometimes, you have to keep some traditions alive.

8. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Yes once. I can’t remember what year it was, but i remember it started before Christmas and didn’t stop until after. It was magical although it became a nightmare for us when we had to travel to see family.

9. Where would be your dream place to visit at Christmas?
New York. Not only because I’ve always wanted to go. But because it just looks like a magical place to be at Christmas. All the lights and the decorations look amazing.

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
Even though I’m older, I still get excited. Christmas is a very hard time for me and my family as this will be the 8th Christmas without my mum, but although it’s difficult, it’s lovely to be around my family and friends. It’s a great time to be together.

I hope you enjoy this festive tag post!
If you have done this tag, let me know as I’d love to read your answers!
If not, why not try it yourself?

Happy Blogmas!


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