The Emotional Stages Of Christmas Day

Hello my lovelies, and welcome back to my blog!

I’ve been a little rubbish with blogging recently, but Christmas is a very busy time of year! That, and my laptop decided it didn’t want to work so I’ve had to send it back to be fixed. So I do apologise for lack of content recently.

Speaking of Christmas,  what a fantastic day it was! So full of love, family and of course, food!

But Christmas can also be an emotional time. You may find yourself excited by the presents and family games one minute, then regretting that last yorkshire pudding and feeling sorry for yourself. Such a roller coaster!

Here’s the emotional stages of Christmas day we could all  relate to. Maybe.


12:03am – I wish Santa would still visit…*thinks about lost youth*

1:00am – Okay, time for a good nights sleep.

1:48am – Well, so much for that.

9:00am – So sleepy…zz..zzz


10:00am – Yay presents! But first, coffee and a good breakfast to start a magical day.

10:01am – Best choose something small. Don’t want to fill up to early!

10:29am – So full. Mistakes have been made.

10:48am – Yes please, I’ll have another coffee. Still so sleepy.

11:13am – YAY PRESENTS!

11:25am – Okay, this is kinda boring now. All I can think of is food.

11:56am – The moment you want to play with all of your tooys but then realise that your presents now consist of scarves, make up, and socks. Being an adult sucks.

12:45pm – I would be much more patient about eating the food I can smell, if I had more fun gifts to play with.

12:55pm – BORED.

1:03pm – HUNGRY.

1:25pm – Bored and hungry.

1:34pm – Seriously, how long till lunch? I’m wasting away here!

1:48pm – Social media sucks on Christmas. So many blingy gifts for celebrities and hash tags of “luckygirl”. #NoOneCares.

2:22pm – *Instagrams a festive image with a fancy filter* with #FeelingFestive

2:23pm – I hate myself.

2:58pm – Oh my god! FOOD! I am the Christmas food monster that can never be tamed!

3:21pm – Damn I feel full.

3:22pm – I.Can’t. Finish.So. Full.

3:23pm – YES! I did it! In your face!

3:27pm – No I don’t have the energy to pull a cracker. Besides, who actually wants to hear those horrendous jokes?

3:33pm – Okay. Bring on the desserts!

3:48pm – Never eating. Again.

3:52pm – Maybe a tiny piece of cheese.

3:53pm – With some stuffing.

3:54pm – And some turkey.

3:55pm – Be rude not to finish the pigs in blankets.

4:11pm – Okay now I feel sick.

6:04pm – Chill time with family is the best.

7:09pm – *Sleeps*

And there you have it. Hopefully we can all relate and it wasn’t just me! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope you had a fantastic Christmas day and Boxing day! Until next time!

Happy Blogmas!

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