A Trip To Bath

Hello lovelies!
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As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Bath with my boyfriend just before Christmas, here was my experience. I hope you enjoy!

Bath is one of those places I’ve been desperate to visit for a very long time. So when Roland came home to reveal that his work place were offering to take some employee’s and their families to Bath for the christmas market, I told him to book us in.

We left the house bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6.45am to catch the coach from Plymouth, grabbing a costa from the drive-thru on the way. (Because I’m a zombie without it). It took approximately two and a half hours on the coach to get to Bath and although we kept ourselves entertained with the new series of The Grand Tour, we also won chocolates in a raffle. Good start to the day? I think so!

The coach dropped us off at the Hilton Hotel, and we were free to do what we wished for the rest of the day. Honestly, I didn’t realise Bath was so big, and we spent a huge amount of our time aimlessly walking the streets, admiring the buildings and seeing what shops Bath had to offer.

We first found ourselves at a part of the Christmas market next to the Abbey and it was stunning. I just love old gothic style architecture and that’s exactly what the Abbey reminded me off. I could of stared at it all day, however we were starving. So first on the agenda, was breakfast.

We had a bit more of a wonder and came across Côte Brasserie in the Milsom Place shopping centre so we decided to have breakfast here. Roland had a sausage baguette, and I had French toast with syrup, fruit salad and cranberry juice. It was delicious! The service was good and the location was wonderful. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Because the Abbey was the only building we knew how to get to, we decided to head to it and plan our next move. We decided to check out the Roman Baths and once again, I found myself lost in the historic architecture. However, if you want to visit the Baths, I suggest going earlier in the day due to the high level of people there. We were literally surrounded by people taking selfies. Although it was quite fun photobombing them.

It was just after lunch when we left, and after a late breakfast, we weren’t feeling at all hungry. Bath was definitely busier than when we first got there. People were everywhere. We left the Roman baths and were instantly pushed into a cattle like crowd of people trying to have a look at the market. Like most people, I dislike being surrounded by strangers, so decided to pop into Café Nero to escape the crowd. After a mocha and a bite of coffee cake, we headed back out into the madness.

Fuelled on caffeine, we found ourselves in Baths bigger shopping district with shops such as H&M, Hollister and Urban Outfitters. So naturally we had to look around.

After a great time looking around different stores, we didn’t even realise it was almost dinner time, and we were starving, (we eat…A LOT). The only thing I will tell anyone, is as much as the Christmas market was lovely, Bath gets insanely busy! If you plan on eating in Bath, make a reservation early on. Roland and I spent almost an hour going from restaurant to restaurant trying to find a place to eat, until we finally settled on a classic Burger King.

All that said and done, it was time to get the coach home again, watching Only Fools and Horses on the way home. It was exhausting and busy, but it was one of the best days out I could of asked for. We’re even thinking of going back when it’s slightly quieter. I would highly recommend visiting Bath to anyone, and see for yourself all the wonders Bath has to offer.

Hope you have all enjoyed this post!
Will you be visiting Bath? Let me know!

Till next time my lovelies!

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