A Trip To Bath

Hello lovelies!
Welcome back to my blog!

As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Bath with my boyfriend just before Christmas, here was my experience. I hope you enjoy!

Bath is one of those places I’ve been desperate to visit for a very long time. So when Roland came home to reveal that his work place were offering to take some employee’s and their families to Bath for the christmas market, I told him to book us in.

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Hello January

Hello lovelies!
Welcome back to my blog!

January is finally upon us and what exciting times there have been! With the new year, means a blank slate and new opportunities, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me. What’s going for you this month?

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The Emotional Stages Of Christmas Day

Hello my lovelies, and welcome back to my blog!

I’ve been a little rubbish with blogging recently, but Christmas is a very busy time of year! That, and my laptop decided it didn’t want to work so I’ve had to send it back to be fixed. So I do apologise for lack of content recently.

Speaking of Christmas,  what a fantastic day it was! So full of love, family and of course, food!

But Christmas can also be an emotional time. You may find yourself excited by the presents and family games one minute, then regretting that last yorkshire pudding and feeling sorry for yourself. Such a roller coaster!

Here’s the emotional stages of Christmas day we could all  relate to. Maybe.

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Gift Ideas For The Social Media Obsessed

Hello lovelies,
welcome back!

We all have those friends that are absolutely obsessed with social media, and maybe we’re guilty of it ourselves. Christmas is around the corner, and if you still need to get those insta-worthy gifts for the ones you love, here’s some ideas. And maybe ones to treat yourself too!


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Wishlist | Boohoo Party Glam

Hello lovelies!

With Christmas coming up, it means one thing. The much loved Christmas work do. Whether you’re going to dinner, dancing or just quiet drinks, it’s a great excuse to shop for the perfect look to impress all of your colleagues!

But there’s always one question in our minds. What on earth am I going to wear? And if you’re like me, a little melt down too. (Or is that just me?)

Well this year I won’t be panicking! I’ve compiled a list of the perfect party dresses from my favourite online store, I hope you find inspiration and as always, enjoy!

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Gift Ideas For Every Harry Potter Fan

Welcome back my lovelies!

Do you know someone who adores Harry Potter, but stuck for ideas this Christmas? Worry no more! I’ve been searching Etsy for 10 perfect Harry Potter gift ideas for those die hard fans in your life. I hope you find inspiration and enjoy! ⚡️

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My Christmas Playlist

Welcome back my lovelies!

So Christmas is now upon us. The cities lights are on, the Christmas market is in full swing, and Christmas music has now begun to play EVERYWHERE!

I love Christmas, but the main reason is the music. The oldies, the newbies, and the covers. For me listening to Christmas music is such a mood booster, and always gets me in the festive spirit! Below I have listed 30 of my favourite Christmas songs! It’s full of new covers and of course the classics.

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